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We’re an experienced team of business strategy consultants.

We collaborate with company leaders to set actionable goals that deliver measurable results.

Our transformative strategies and results-based solutions optimize your company’s growth.

Our extensive real-world experience and diverse skills guarantee results.

Trust, creativity and client empathy drive everything we do.

At every interaction The Willis Organization team was collaborative, motivated and consistent in their work and advice … always prepared and always actively participating. We value the qualities The Willis Organization demonstrates – integrity, empathy, understanding, commitment plus good old fashioned hard work.

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What We Offer

We offer creative actionable business strategies.

Our results-based solutions focus on building sustainable company growth.

We serve B2B, technology, health care, personal development, media, sports/entertainment, industrial products.

Our clients include multinational enterprises, regional and early stage companies, business and professional associations.

Our Process

We collaborate with leadership teams to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy.

Our powerful 4 Step Results Process connects strategy with specific actions to drive maximum company growth.

The 4 Step Results Process


Identify and clarify strategic goals, key priorities, pain points, resources and constraints.


Develop all components of a comprehensive strategy that best optimizes results.


Coordinate people, resources, actions and schedules to execute the strategy.


Evaluate impact of executed actions; measure results achieved; modify; repeat.

In selecting a consulting company, we were looking for strong leadership, adaptability and diverse experience. The Willis Organization team delivered reliably and consistently on all three. They have a unique ability to understand businesses, their cultures and their strategies quickly. Their talent to recognize and evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of leaders and team members is second to none.

– Services –

client Portfolio

Optimizing client results.

Growth Strategy

Forecastable hires The Willis Organization to strengthen the design and development of their B2B collaborative co-selling platform.

Together with Forecastable leadership, The Willis Organization team analyzed, assessed and made recommendations on all components of Forecastable’s growth strategy and sales process: account planning, closing plans, partner development and relationship building.

Early Stage Strategy

iGolf Sports Network hires The Willis Organization to execute their vision of a live stream broadcast and media production company. The Willis Organization team worked collaboratively with iGolf to develop a visionary growth strategy plan. The plan focused on expanding 2 current podcasts, acquiring a digital/print industry publication and growing iGolf tournament services into the larger enterprise space.

Transformation Strategy

John Hughes Golf hires The Willis Organization to help transform the company from in-person coaching to a full service golf academy.

The Willis Organization team together with John Hughes Golf strategized adding value with several new client services: subscription video instruction; 3 membership program tiers; an on-demand virtual skill improvement platform, and an e-commerce merchandise store. The strategy included an aggressive growth plan, adding 2 new coaching locations, golf vacations and outings.

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Strategy | Action | Results

Strategic Business Consulting

Our success is based on more than 30 years of real-world experience

providing our clients with transformative strategies and actions that deliver optimum results.

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